Payment in advance
The payment needs to be completed in advance. You can request your Live Quote, supply artwork, master files and forms before completing your payment, but we will start checking your files and taking your project into production upon receiving the payment.

Peyment methods

If you're with a Dutch bank, you can easily complete your payment using iDeal. It's quick and safe. If you're with an international bank, you can complete your payment using a regular bank transfer. You can find your Invoice on the payment page. Just login, find your project, click start and than Complete payment and there's your Invoice as a PDF.

Delivery costs

Please note that when paying with a regular bank transfer, you make sure that the delivery cost is calculated. This is done automatically when entering your delivery address. If you choose to pick up your production at our office in Enkhuizen or Breda, there are no 'delivery' costs.

Tight schedules

If you're having a tight schedule, we advice you to complete the payment before supplying your artwork. We've learned that even professionals and people who have ordered with us before, can make small errors in the artwork files or master image. To avoid delay because of this, make sure the payment is not the aspect of the project that causes delay.